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Physics of the Cosmos News

NuSTAR General Observer Cycle 7 Proposal Deadline 29 January 2021

14 January 2021

NuSTAR Cycle 7 observing proposals are due on 29 January 2021, at 4:30p Eastern/3:30p Central/2:30p Mountain/1:30p Pacific. Cycle 7 will commence on or about 1 June 2021, and last for a nominal period of 12 months.

Proposals should be submitted via the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC) Astrophysics Research Knowledgebase Remote Proposal System (ARK/RPS). Please read the updated ARK/RPS instructions for submitting NuSTAR proposals. For more details see the Guest Observer Facility's proposal web page.

The observing proposal review will be held remotely and dual-anonymously on 22–24 March 2021. If you are interested in volunteering as a review panel member, please e-mail Dr. Katja Pottschmidt at Katja.Pottschmidt-1@nasa.gov

The European Space Agency LISA observatory


Program News and Announcements

18 January 2021
Meeting of Astronomy and Astrophysics Advisory Committee (AAAC) on 26–27 January 2021 »  Details.
14 January 2021
NuSTAR General Observer Cycle 7 Proposal Deadline 29 January 2021 »  Details.
6 January 2021
Draft Astrophysics Explorers Program Solicitations Released for Community Comment for Solicitations for both Medium Explorer (MIDEX) and Missions of Opportunity (APEXMO) and Comments for both draft solicitations due by 25 February 2021 »  Details.
16 December 2020
The 237th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Virtually Anywhere, 11–15 January 2021, will include Physics of the Cosmos events. The PCOS AAS2021 Meeting page lists currently scheduled sessions, presentations, chats, and displays »  Details.
4 December 2020
Payloads and Research Investigations on the Surface of the Moon (PRISM) Step-2 Due Date. Step-2 proposals now due 3 February 2021. Step-1 proposal due date unchanged as 11 December 2020 »  Details.
4 December 2020
Release of Final text and Due Dates for ROSES Post-COVID Recovery program. Requests received by 4 January 2021 will be processed first. Final due date is 5 March 2021. »  Details.

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