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Gamma Ray Science Interest Group

Workshop Summary
by John Tomsick, Sylvain Guiriec, and Henric Krawczynski

We had a productive workshop at Clemson University on October 1st, with about a dozen people attending in person and several more on the WebEx.

We made significant progress on the GammaSIG White Papers. We decided on the focus of each of the 5 WPs, discussed their content, assigned leaders to each one, and spent time writing.

You can see where we are on the 5 WPs by looking at the information below. Links are either to Overleaf or Google docs. If you have any problems accessing the Google docs, please click on the "Request access" button.

Our internal deadline for having readable drafts is November 9th, but input is welcome before then. In fact, WP#2 is already quite advanced. Input can be given by e-mailing one of the GammaSIG leaders (Sylvain/John/Henric) or the individual WP leaders (see below).

Finally, thanks very much to Dieter Hartmann for hosting the workshop.

  1. Supermassive BHs at High Redshift
    Leaders: Vaidehi Paliya, Marco Ajello
    Thematic areas: #6 Galaxy Evolution (primary); #7 Cosmology and Fundamental Physics (secondary)

  2. Catching Element Formation in the Act
    Leaders: Chris Fryer, Frank Timmes, Aimee Hungerford, Aaron Couture
    Thematic areas: #4 Formation and evolution of compact objects; #5 Resolved stellar populations and their environments (not sure about primary and secondary). The current version of the WP points to primary, secondary, and tertiary "Science Frontier Panels" from the 2010 Decadal.

  3. Constraining Dark Matter with Gamma-ray Measurements
    Leaders: Tim Linden, Matt Buckley, Regina Caputo, John Tomsick
    Thematic areas: #7 Cosmology and Fundamental Physics

  4. Jets and Particle Acceleration
    Leaders: Toni Venters, Kenji Hamaguchi, Terri Brandt, Sylvain Guiriec
    Thematic areas: #8 Multi-Messenger Astronomy and Astrophysics (primary or secondary); I think it should connect to another theme (leaders should discuss)

  5. Gamma-ray Science in the 2020s
    Leaders: Sylvain Guiriec, John Tomsick, Dieter Hartmann, Terri Brandt, Eric Burns, Colleen Wilson-Hodge
    Thematic areas: #8 Multi-Messenger Astronomy and Astrophysics (different from the MMASAG WP, but it is good for the two to be coordinated) The workshop organized to continue our efforts in writing the GammaSIG white papers for the Decadal Survey

Gamma Ray SIG


Program News and Announcements

17 September 2020
NASA announces major revisions in Astrophysics Research and Analysis opportunity. Due dates remain unchanged. »  Details.
17 September 2020
NASA releases Citizen Science Seed Funding Program opportunity. Notices of Intent requested by 13 October 2020, with proposals due 11 December 2020. »  Details.
17 September 2020
NASA extends due date for Astrophysics Pioneers opportunity. Proposals are now due 8 October 2020. »  Details.
15 September 2020
Applications Sought for PhysPAG Executive Committee »  Details.
9 September 2020
Swift Cycle 17 Guest Investigator proposals due on 25 September 2020 »  Details.
4 September 2020
SMD Community Town Hall on Thurs 10 September »  Details.
4 September 2020
NuSTAR requests self-nominations for Users' Committee »  Details.
18 August 2020
XMM-Newton Guest Observer Announcement of Opportunity. »  Details.
17 August 2020
New Phase-1 Proposal Due Date for NICER Guest Observer Cycle 3. »  Details.
29 July 2020
Community Announcement: Intention to Amend ROSES-20 via a Future Appendix for Payloads and Research Investigations on the Surface of the Moon (PRISM). »  Details.
27 July 2020
Snowmass 21 planning underway, with several topical groups on PCOS-related science. »  Details.
23 July 2020
New deadline set for JWST Cycle 1 General Observer proposals. Proposals will be due by 08:00 pm Eastern Time (ET) on Tuesday November 24, 2020. »  Details.
2 July 2020
NASA releases final text for Astrophysics Pioneers opportunity. Notices of Intent due 13 August 2020; proposals due 1 October 2020. »  Details.

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